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  • Me i use construct to build application not for games (To make a games...Construct is perfect).

    But the plugins for application is poor...if an option or event ect... is currently availlable please say it to me...My ideas was here:

    -For the "Image modifier" plugins: A windows in the layout whit size (ex:640 y:480 / x:340 y:340)

    And realtime modification in the window plugins

    -For the "Webcam" plugins: Can use the option (action in event Sheet) record a video and

    record an image...

    -news plugins:

    • An audio recorder set audio in *.WAV whit basic file modification (ex: amplification, Bass , Right/Left , Quality ) and whit basic file reader (ex: Read memory file , Stop memory file )

    -A slide bar for the interface program

    -A RadioBox for application

    -A plugins (They fonction: Take screen shot and record screen video)(Ex: Screen Shot , Windows Shot)

    -A plugins (Help to the application to take "Drag & drop")(ex: take lastest added files names, take lastest added files Path)

    Tanks to construct team you are better than clicktea*

    Tanks you for your support

    For the other user please submit your ideas (yes i know it im not an administrator) but i would like construct but whit more plugins and better (Construct is very very good)

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  • Yeah I think a screen capture object would be quite useful.

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