New around here, some questions

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  • Hi there, i'm Lander, i'm from Chile and i found this software by recomendation of a friend.

    First, let me say: Nice job guys!. This is a great "game maker" engine, very powerfull, and a big alternative to Game Maker. But, let me ask some questions:

    1. The top of the forum says "Scirra, home of Construct, the free open-source game creator", and you are planning to sell licences for Construct 2. Simply I don't get it, I choose Construct instead of Game Maker because it's free, open source and very powerful, but now i have to find another alternative because i don't have money to buy a license. Please don't get mad, i will still using Construct instead of others free alternatives to Game Maker, but, there are plans to sell licenses or will be an alternative to use Construct 2 free?

    2. There are plans to still developing Construct Classic? I assume that Construct Classic will be open source and free, but now you are focused in Construct 2, so, is still in development?

    Well, nothing else to say, keep working on this great piece of Software guyz!



  • construct is the free open-source game creator

    construct 2 is not.

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  • That's construct classic that's open source. It's still in development through the community, a new version was released a few days ago.

  • Construct Classic is now open source, and there is still a powerful community backing for it - at least until Construct 2 becomes more feature complete. Even after that I'm sure some of the community will stick around due to various licensing and technical issues.

    There are still a plethora of programmers working on plugins and patches for Construct Classic, and more pop up every day.

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