Multiple Cameras

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  • Hi, I have a suggestion that I obviously think rocks, and that hopefully isn't -too- hard to do, then again I have very little game coding experience. I did a little search to try and find if it has been suggested already, it wasn't exhaustive but I have to sleep soon. Sorry about the long intro but...

    There's a game I used to play called Silencer, IT ROCKS, it has only recently been ressurected but it is multiplayer only and usually there is nobody playing. So I'm thinking of making a clone of it to some extent, I could do it with relative ease with one exception, Multiple cameras.

    If that term is confusing maybe it would be better described as remote viewing cameras or something.

    Basically in the game you could place cameras/remote bombs and when you did, a little window showing a little 'security cam' type screen of the area around the bomb/camera appeared so you could know when to detonate it wherever you were or just plain use it to spy on people.

    I reckon it would be an awesome feature to be implemented in construct cause it could also lead to things like splitscreening etc.

    Anyways sorry about being dormant on these forums for so long and sorry about the wall of text, if you read this far thanks lol

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  • Split screen is the shit! This is definately something that will be needed in the future!

  • It's on the todo list - at the moment the Layout object can't show a portion of the same layout. I guess this would be a kind of Viewport object - I should be able to make it able to show offscreen parts of the layout too, with custom scaling and rotating, which would be pretty cool... It's a good idea, and would allow splitscreen too.

  • Thanks Ash, I love this place, speedy dev replies and speedy updates! (usually )

    This could lead to so much cool stuff, like remote cameras or like remote controlled little pets or something, it could also be a cool idea for things like sniper rifles, not to mention split screen yay.


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