Moving joints in Bone Movement

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  • I'd really like to see the possibility to move the main object joint thing, with the bone movement animations.

    This would be useful for moving the body down for ducking etc.

  • I second this idea. Though, to get around it for now, you can make an invisible sprite have the bone movement, and everything else - including the body - can be a child of it.

  • When an object rotates, its bounding box gets bigger...i'm guessin that the effect chain uses the width/height of the object rather than the bounding box's width/height somewhere.

  • So what does that mean?

  • I think that reply might have been meant for this thread.

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  • yeah didn't really seem relevant to the topic

    The main thing it would improve with this feature, is for allowing more 'vertical movement' in the animations. Instead of having stiff running animations where only the limbs around you move.

    However, I guess this could be solved by not choosing to have the 'torso' part as the central peice of the bone-movement.

  • How on earth did I manage to post that in the wrong spot

    wtf... lol

  • As for moving the main joint...I have a bit of a delemma with that...

    Lets say you have the main joint move downwards for a crouch animation.

    Now...each frame the joint thinks 'ah i need to move downwards a few pixels' and it all works sweet.

    But now you bang in a platform behavior object, and add the action:

    Always - Set position of body to player

    This means each frame the body is positioned to the player, and then it moves down a few pixels...resulting in no movement at all....

    So I'm still unsure of how to resolve this one...

  • Yeah I see your point, there doesn't seem like a proper solution.

    Haven't tried this, but maybe a work around could be: Have an invisible piece situated where the ground would be and give it the bone-movement, then join your main body piece to that piece then you'll be able to move all the body parts anywhere you like!

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