MMO Possible Using Construct?

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  • A while ago I saw a multiplayer plugin someone made for construct. This got me thinking, is it possible to make a full scale (at least as full scale as 2d gets, think original Ultima.) MMO in construct? Any guides or pointers in this topic?

    Also if this is too big of a job for one person, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to pull together some external resources.

  • I will summarize the future of this thread for you:

    • There is no multiplayer plugin.
    • There is a Python solution to multiplayer, but it's shaky. Learn Python before trying it.
    • An MMO is too ambitious for your first project. Make prototypes and smaller games first.
  • Making smaller projects first was the plan, and that's what I meant when I said plugin. What do you mean by shaky?

  • Short answer: no.

    Long answer: ... elop-a-mmo

  • In short, to make a MMO with Construct... you either have:

    1. Get really good at C++ and make an online plugin that supports everything that an MMO would need.

    2. Get really good at Python and extend/modify the Python library (Podsixnet or Astralnetworking) to support an MMO.

    Either task is formidable and unless you are really good at programming it is not going to happen.

    EDIT: By shaky he means that Python support is experimental and that lots of features like dealing with latency, object synchronization, etc have to be supported by the game designer. The Podsixnet library () is pretty good for smaller online games and is great for LAN games.

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  • Laconic Version of everything about developing MMO's in construct:

    • MMO's are hard.
    • MMO's are costly.
    • If you want to display a world, you're much better off writing prose.
    • Start small, work on a small single player project.

    Practice makes perfect, and a small seed can grow tall and marvelous from a strong foundation, work in steps, never give up, don't discourage yourself with huge goals, split those huge goals into many, many tiny ones (possibly as tiny as "Turn computer on in the morning" or "Open construct").

    Any other advice that you have coming to you? Don't rush headlong into success, or you will fail.

    Indies can succeed, it just takes them time, hard work and, sometimes, outside finances (but lets hope you won't need any of that to produce a game )

  • So, you want to make a MMO?

    Can you afford your own decent server? Can you afford to maintain it all by yourself or at least hire someone to do so? Can you afford to still provide content and stuff while dealing with marketing, technical support etc.?

    MMO means Massive Multiplayer Online, massive meaning a lot of players. That alone has a large inherent cost that you have to be prepared to overcome for at least several months before the balance breaks even. That is if players actually stick around and not jump the ship for another brand new MMO.

    Loyal players stick to their favorite MMOs, since they're time consuming, they just can't afford to play more MMOs. Other players, they play MMOs until they get bored and move on.

    What am I saying? The MMO market is overly saturated already, new MMOs are being released weekly and we all only have so many hours a day to play.

    You are better off doing small scale stuff like Minecraft (which is definitely NOT a MMO), it is low cost and more likely to yield profit. Once you've got such small projects down under your belt and have some financial backing as well as experience, you can start thinking about larger projects.

    *falls off the soap box*

  • Btw. is somehow online coop play possible in construct? As for the game I'm making its almost necessity to include 2 player mode.

  • Yeah, i think multiplayer games in construct is a good start before going with MMOs. You just need to make some kind of customizable key config for your game if you want to include multiplayer. In a more advance case, you can try to make a simple LAN game on Construct.

  • ... ne-endrody

    thats kinda interesting. I only wish adobe wasnt so expensive or have learning version.

  • People have already said everything. Look into python, theres a tutorial by SciDave on it and its pretty good. I found it a bit too frustrating so I started looking into Unity. But its certainly possible.

    Also, I think there's a lot of unhelpful comments here. Maybe the original poster should have said "is it possible to program an MMO in construct". Lots of people seem to think he's asking "can i make WoW?". Not all MMOs need to have 9,000 quests and 27 hours of music.

    Anyway, good luck. sounds fun

  • Heh, yeah it's kinda like that other thread about the avi object. It sounds good in theory, but the logistics really take a bite out of it.

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