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  • Requesting missing keys for the mousekeyboard object - like ;',./[]\-=`

    Hopefully that will be easy?

  • There's one problem anyway with keys. Some keys differ in different keyboard layouts, and for example, my finnish keyboard has keys �, � and �.

    Here is a finnish keyboard layout:

    shift up:
    shift down:
    Notice how the position of special characters is completely different from english keyboard? And there is specific layouts for about every language using any kind of special characters, umlauts etc. So, if there was a option of "." for example, it would mean a different button in different layouts... Any solutions?
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  • Sorry about this, it's a rather temporary solution.

    Eventually key parameters will be a hotkey type control, which supports any keypress. For now, it's a list, until such a control is done.

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