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  • i remember the games factory used to have something where you pressed a button and it mirrored a whole animation either vertical or horizontally depending on what you chose, this would be a useful feature

    whenever i have to mirror an objects animation which has about 15 frames and 5-10 image points, the task of mirroring everything gets down right tedious, and it doesnt have to be that way.

    a simple right click, then "mirror frames" would be very helpful

  • isn't there a checkbox somewhere in the sprite properties that does automatic mirroring, or does that do something else that doesn't help you in this situation?

  • Yeah, ticking the "Auto mirror" checkbox will do that, and it even flips the image points and stuff for you. But I just found a bug...

    https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.p ... id=1003219

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  • yea but what i want is something that will actually just mirror all the frames like lets say i made a new animation and drew everything, and then i wanted to make another one with those frames but reversed, imagepoints and everything, auto mirror is fine for somethings, but in more advanced things sometimes it just wont cut it.

    and also, there should be an action that when you perform (mirrors) the sprite so that charcters made up of multiple instances are a bit easier to rig for directional changes. so that means you wouldnt even have to have multiple animations for different directions

    all it would be is set mirror to on or off

  • I have to agree... I have already come across this with Chamber. I had to manually reverse all the frames and reinsert them for the opposing directions, because for some reason the auto mirror function didn't work properly, and mirroring each frame using the animation editor in Construct mangles the resolution of the images and made them look "chunky".


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