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  • I know MIDI is old and all and it sounds really crappy, but in not such a long time, this is a good thing. The TIGsource Chinese Bootleg Demakes competition is coming some time soon-ish, and I want to be able to play crappy MIDIs without having to send 4 MB mp3 versions of them with the game. That would be great.

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  • AH yes you can play midi, no worries man.

    1. Right click-> Insert the Audio Object Direct Sound into the layout (it will not be visible)

    2. Several play options:

    2a. Start of Layout-> Direct Sound/ Play music "filename.mid" (Works with Midi)

    2b. Start of Layout-> Direct Sound/ Load File "filename.wav" (you can edit which channel, but it is okay to leave at channel 0)


    Play Direct Sound Channel 0 (or you can specify another channel)

    2c. Start of Layout-> Direct Sound/ Autoplay "filename.wav"

    The channels allow you to have multiple sound files be loaded/played at once. Really cool!

    Hope this helps!

  • Huh. I've tried using "Play Music" to play MIDI's before, but it never worked.

  • OH! the midi needs to be in the same directory as your cap file. also include the extension name, so if your mid is cheesewhiz, it'd be


  • On a nearly-related side note, I would expect any self-respecting Construct user to have their file extensions unhidden in Windows.

  • I did both of those. I'm not stupid.

  • Not saying you are, man. Not one bit. Some people who view this later, however, may benefit from advice like that the rest of us consider common knowledge.

  • Windows Media Player on my machine has a nasty habit of fading the MIDI volume on my PC to zero. I've no idea why. Check the windows mixer and see if the MIDI volume is up; 'Play Music' should work fine with midi files. Try opening the file in Windows Media Player - if it works there, Play Music should be able to play it too.

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