25 mb for Fade to Black transition?!?!

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  • I just noticed that the "Fade to Black" transition (I don't know the other) uses

    25 MB VRAM!!!

    Is it a bug or what?!

    p.s.: on 1280x1024 anyway.. But it's too much!

  • What size is your application window? Is it just that one transition or others?

    Using transitions requires creating temporary surfaces the size of the application window, so if you have a large application window, this can consume a lot of VRAM.

  • it's probably because you're using 1280x1024. I'm pretty sure it's treating it like a 2048x2048 texture, which is rather massive. Also, transitions cause all kinds of bugs atm, so I wouldn't recommend using them. I haven't fully tested all of them out, so it may be only certain transitions which are buggy. Fade to black might just work, but heed my warning and realize that they can cause graphical glitches and bugs. Use at your own risk.

  • Actually I've noticed on my video card render-target surfaces can be non-power-of-two (ie. 1280x1024 instead of being promoted to 2048x2048), but I'm not sure if all cards can do that. It's still 5mb of VRAM for a 1280x1024 surface, though, and if you're using all possible effects, transitions, etc then the runtime may well need to create four or five temporary surfaces. It has to be done that way - you just have to live with it.

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  • , but I'm not sure if all cards can do that.

    Nope. This was just a very recent GF8-ish feature.

  • I'm not sure if all cards can do that.

    It's a standard feature on current generation 3D hardware. I believe you can check for support on runtime. They do run a bit slower though, but in cases like this it's probably worth it.

    At least, I know it's avaiable on OpenGL as an extension, which in DX would be a caps bit.

  • Construct itself likes to freeze when I run it. I wait about 2-5 minutes and it works fine, but that's an example of how it works differently on different systems.

    I haven't upgraded myself to the unstable releases, however. What version are you using? Transitions always messed up my games in Construct. Instead, I just made my own transitions. For fade-to-black, just have it show a black box over-top everything and, once that box is 100% visible, go to the next level/scene/whatever. I know this just over-complicates things, but it works better. Now, if only full-screen mode had a workaround. Why doesn't full-screen work properly, anyway?

  • Why doesn't full-screen work properly, anyway?

    it works for me in 98.9

  • You should update your graphics drivers. I can't say I've seen a report of freezing before, nor of what you describe.

  • Fullscreen had problems in 0.99/0.99.2, but it should work in either 0.98.9 or 0.99.3.

  • I know there is a "Fade" transition on the transitions list, but I don't see a "Fade to Black". Am I overlooking something? I'm currently converting a program from MMF to Construct, and would like to have a similar fade effect in my converted game.

  • It's much better to make the transition yourself with a black sprite, because transitions are really buggy. I recommend avoiding them until they are fixed. Anyway, You might be able to find it lurking around in some old thread. The link is most probably dead however, so you'll be better off asking someone in chat/forum to give it to you.

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