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  • Except, you know, it is only for students. Which excludes me and most of the unemployed bums out there.

    What about open source alternatives? Code::blocks, for example?

  • They don't compile DLLs compatible with other compilers (we use member function pointers, which the C++ spec didn't specifically lay down rules for).

  • Ugh. So that means there won't be as many plugin developers as anticipated.

  • Hey, we could always code our custom function call code in assembly ;o!

  • The 2.0 SDK should be compatible with a number of compilers. The 1.0 SDK can, in theory, work with other compilers, but they have to implement member function pointers with a compatible binary format, and support ATL.

  • Practically, no two compilers out there do compile to the same format.

  • Woo, maybe Construct 2 will work on linux then, or even mac \o/

  • Woo, maybe Construct 2 will work on linux then, or even mac \o/

    Well it could work on linux now too if you post request on Wine database and someone goes and do some magic. I tried install it on wine but the directx installer failed

  • The directx 9 installer is not the problem. There are other ways to install directx9. Winetricks is the easiest. you can also use it to install the C++ 2005 redistribute.

    So, you can install it just fine. Thats not the problem. It crashes after it boots. Some people are able to get it to open and close w/out crashing. But thats all they can do.

    Native support would be better. But just because they provide OpenGL and other cross-platform technology's doesn't mean they can provide non-windows versions right away. although its a step in that direction.

  • This is a silly question and fair in the future, but would it be possible to import 1.0 caps 'to the best of 2.0's abilities'?

    I wouldn't mind importing something thats totally broken and then fixing it -- compared to say, working completely from scratch.

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  • Yes, that should be possible.

  • It's not yet certain at this point what will and won't be implemented - and although it might be possible to implement partial .cap import, it might also prove too difficult or time consuming, so I wouldn't count on it as certain. If you look the original post actually states "it's unlikely .caps from 1.0 will be able to be ported in to Construct 2" - but also that we'd also continue to maintain the 1.x branch so old users aren't left totally out in the cold.

  • Don't do a Microsoft and sacrafise usability and such for backwards compatability.

    If someone wants it that much, it is open source, they can feel free to write it, i would rather 2.0 to be a fresh version that isn't burdoned by backwards compatibility, unless it isn't much trouble

  • I agree with this. Legacy support killed MMF2. But I think you guys know that.

  • It'd just import the graphics/animations and resources from an old .cap, which is pretty much as far as it could go without some significant work.

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