may have a possible python picking fix, is there a demand?

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  • I've figured out a way to include features to fix the picking aspect of python, so python commands would act upon objects selected through events, which seems to be the main thing "broken" about python.

    i haven't tested it, but I'm almost positive it will work.

    please only respond to this saying you would use it if you really would.

    it's not worth taking the time if no one's going to use it anyway.

  • Yes, that would be awesome!! Any Python improvement is a good thing. That was the main thing that first caught my eye with Construct, so it is really disappointing that the Python doesn't work well.

    Another improvement that I would love to see is support for external libraries.. see my post on the Python forum. This would add tremendous extensibility to Construct and allow those that don't have Visual Studio or don't have C++ skills to still add additional features. For example, I was going to incorporate an AI chat engine into Construct using Python. However, importing the library simply doesn't work. It seems easier if I write a c++ plugin to do it which shouldn't be the case. Also, I think it would attract more people to Construct if they had some other programming options.

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  • cool, well that makes 2 people now, cuz genesys expressed python woes in chat. unfortunately i cant help with your other requests. this will merely make it possible to use object picking data in python. also, the other features of the plugin might provide a simpler way to have scripts more intimately connected with events, by making it simple to associate scripts with data, and picked objects.

  • I would be interested to play about with it. May come in handy in my next game.

  • If python support was improved I would really love to use Construct. (I am using it... )

  • that sounds really useful.

    I plan to use python too at some point, there are somethings that are better left to it (like complex text parsing, for example)

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