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  • Master Plugin List:

    No comments to this thread please (keep it clean) Only post links to new plugins, missing plugins, or list corrections:

    Developers: Edit your posts to so that the current plugin DL is at the top, so people do not have to read 5 pages to get the latest version. Also it might be nice to include an .exe so they can see it in action.

    Advanced Camera Plugin (linkman2004)

    Sprite Button Plugin (linkman2004)

    Orbiter Behavior (linkman2004)

    Gravitation Behavior (linkman2004)

    IK Solver 2 (linkman2004)

    Perlin Noise Plugin (Arsonide)

    Custom Controls Plugin (lucid)

    Sprite Font (by lucid) - being rewritten

    'S' plugin (by lucid)

    python picking fix plugin

    Unix Time (linkman2004)

    Path Movement Behavior (R0J0hound)

    Master Effects List:


  • don't forget custom controls plugin, by lucid

    I did, until deadeye reminded me

    and I think they were both linkman

    but the ik plugin, and the orbit plugin,

  • and the gravity plugin, which is different to the orbit plugin.

  • This is handy, but I guess we really need a central database on the site or offsite. I guess it'll do for now - maybe throw in some brief descriptions so readers can get a rough idea what each plugin does?

  • Only if you had a nice convenient place for us to put information! someplace on-site and official, but not difficult to change! Something where you wouldnt have to get involved! Something like a wiki! Such a shame we don't have one of those!


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  • I would love to see a proper home for the plugins. Mean while if the authors want to send a short description I will up date the listing. Heaven forbid I describe their plugin. LOL

    Also what about order? Just add to the bottom as they come in, sort by author, or alphabetical?

  • Why don't you put this on the wiki like kayin suggested? Where others can add to it and it will ultimately be more useful to more folk.

  • Yeah, adding a wiki page sounds like a good idea.

  • Yeah, adding a wiki page sounds like a good idea.

    Me? Or does some one want to do that.

    Don't you need to be granted given permission to start authoring on Wiki?

  • > Yeah, adding a wiki page sounds like a good idea.


    Me? Or does some one want to do that.

    Don't you need to be granted given permission to start authoring on Wiki?

    You sign up and that's it. It's the foundation of what a wiki is, anyone can make a page or change something or add something new.


    You make a page about this and link it to the correct places on the wiki. Someone else notices you made a typo, they fix that. Someone else adds a new link you forgot about. You fix a typo you noticed, and add another link. Someone cleans up the formatting. So on and so forth.

    Edit: You should also mention the versions of these plugins too and make sure your links point to the latest versions.

  • MD5, its old so it may not work anymore.

    Also dont forget about the Game Jolt Achievements plug, its still in beta, but it should be out soon.

    Further more what about fx? Those need to have a home as well.

  • I just updated my old Wiimote plugin so might be time to add it to the list:

  • I was just updating the Mater list and adding a new effects category and noticed that it is no longer a sticky? List not important anymore?

  • maybe someone created a Wiki page or something similar?

  • As far as I know, this thread was never stickied. At least I don't recall ever seeing it stickied.

    Anyway, a list of third party plugins would probably be better suited on the wiki, or in the Addons forum, or better yet both.

    Go ahead and keep maintaining your list, it's still helpful. Once the list is complete, then move it to wherever it needs to go.

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