March update

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  • Releases

    February saw us release 0.98.8, which was a large build. However, there were a few initial problems, and since releases often now have significant changes, we're going to slightly change the way builds are released from now on.

    The first time a build is release it'll be marked "unstable". This means it's not fully tested, and you should back up your projects before using it. If it doesn't work, you can let us know and go back to the last stable build (you can install two versions of Construct on the same computer). When we know there are no serious problems in a build, we'll mark it "stable" and publicise it on the site. We need you guys testing our builds, but we also don't want to interrupt anyone who only wants stable builds for their serious projects!

    Next build: 0.99

    The next build is going to be an important step - it's the last time we're adding core features before we focus on making sure everything works for 1.0. We talked about this in the February update but 0.98.8 had a lot more bugfixes than planned, so it'll hopefully be here by the end of the month. The last features that need to be implemented are:

    • VRAM options. You'll be able to save video memory for objects which aren't currently loaded.
    • Better controls system. It'll support changing controls at runtime, and possibly multiple players.
    • Object organisation, including object folders, to simplify large projects
    • The inventory plugin, and a path behavior.

    After that we're on the home straight to 1.0 - which will be an exciting time!

    Wiki documentation

    We've had some great contributions to the Wiki in the past month, so thank you to all contributors! If you would like to help out, see this thread.


    We're starting to see some cool games pop up from time to time. Check out the Creations forum for some, including In Another Brothel, which was featured on two sites. Deadeye also recently released part eight of his excellent Platform School tutorial which you should definitely check out if you haven't yet. Also, jessejohhavoc announced a new Construct site,, announced in this thread - the first unofficial Construct community site!

    That's all for now, catch us on the chat!

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