Making a text-based game in Construct

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  • It should be a possible, but would you guys (not) recommend it? I'm still quite new at Construct, but it looks like it has a huge edge over other things(i.e. MMF) when it comes to a combo of text-based and UI. I'm also thinking of making a few custom animations, what with the skeletal animation thing being possible with Construct.

    What I was wondering was whether there are any serious drawbacks I haven't noticed to making a text-based fighting game. I want to make something similar to a classic RPG - "You slash at (X)'s head! (X) parries your attack and lunges at your gut!"

    Also, I read the thing about "Text blitter" down there; I guess it would be a serious disadvantage to recode everything to put in a custom text thing.

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  • I can't see any problem if you use the standard text object, but that's an awful lot of fancy DirectX technology to do some really basic stuff!

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  • If you have a server to host the game, you could just use PHP and make an online text-based game. It wouldn't be any harder than Construct. It might even be easier. Guess it depends on your knowledge.

    For the record, I wouldn't play a text-based game. I have too many non-text games to play.

  • For the record, I wouldn't play a text-based game. I have too many non-text games to play.

    <img src="">

    What's the matter? Too complex ?

  • Seems to me we're talking about at least three different things in this thread.

    Muz, who mentions animations, seems to be thinking about a primarily graphical game with some feedback in text form (although I don't get how that would be text-"based").

    As far as I can tell, Fantasyjam has a game in mind that is text-based in the sense that it outputs primarily (or only) text, and is also controlled via text input. ((Anyone interested in that sort of thing, take a good long look at Inform 7 over at

    And Doppel's screenshot (which is, of course, a reply to Fantasyjam rather than Muz) is of a graphical-and-text game that uses console mode characters for its graphics. This would actually be close to what I think Muz is asking about, but it's impossible (or at the very least least deeply pointless) to make with Construct, and doesn't lend itself to animation.

    So, I guess what I'm saying is ... Muz, I'm sure one of the various immensely smart forumgoers has an answer to your question; but so far I don't think anybody has a very clear idea what your question is. Could you explain in some more detail what you would like to do?

  • I just don't want to code everything with the text, then have to rip everything back out again if there's a separate "text blitter" object (like with MMF).

    I want to make something where all input and basic output is a GUI and the main output is in text. You control like some guy who fights.. stuff. You click where you want to strike, etc. The computer tells you your health status, injuries, enemy health, etc.

    But since the movements are extremely complicated, I can't use animations. So I'm making the output text-based. Think of maybe a graphical roguelike game like Unreal World, but with a lot more text.

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