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  • Hey guys. Just wondering if there's any decent beat em up games? Side scrolling would be preferred.

    I've got a uni project that requires me making a mod of a game and I thought I'd start here. Obviously the mod would be for educational purposes (game design stuff) and full credit given. Cheers.

  • Hey,

    I think that's a relatively unexplored genre in Construct; but the general concepts of game making in Construct apply, so following some tutorials and such will give you alot of tips. There's been plenty of platforming games made, some involving fighting, so the uploads forum would be a good place to look at some of those (if they can be modded to what you want..)

    I'd use the bone movement behavior - documented on the wiki - for the character; this'll save you countless hours drawing and animating animations, as well as giving you an easy way to add complicated attacks.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Modding a platformer is an option.. by ideally the least amount of programming would be sweet. I'm going for an aesthetic change to a game.

    And.. Countless hours drawing is my specialty!

    So still looking for beat em ups (ala final fight, streets of rage, golden axe, alien vs predator) so

    if anyone could point me in the right direction much appreciated.

    Oh and I forgot to say hi to everyone. Hi.

  • For a beat-em-up like Golden Axe or Final Fight you'll probably want to use 8Direction movement on your player and your enemies, and the above-mentioned z-sorting could be done with all of the fighters in a Family using an event like so:

    +For each fighterFamily ordered by fighterFamily.Y Ascending
      ->fighterFamily: Send to front
    As Rich said, hit up some tutorials to get the general idea of how Construct works, and browse around the Uploads section for other ideas.  If you have trouble with anything in particular, feel free to post a help thread
  • There's a custom Ik plug floating around somewhere, should be great for this genre.

    You could try the physics behavior as well, but beware its a problem child, and does not play with all the others. Same goes for bones, they work excellent on their own, but mixing those behaviors is still kinda beta.

  • if you're just starting with construct, it might be a good idea to start simple and use animated sprites (which might only set you back a few hours if you're good at drawing and stick to double-dragon complexity) instead of going all-out with physics and bone animation.

  • I imagine building a balanced fighting system would definitely be darn complex and I'm not whether Construct would make that task particularly easy right now, with collisions.

    If you've never done any game before, maybe try going with something simpler first.

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  • Agreed, a game a complex as a beat-em-up might not make for a good first project.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the replies. I think you guys may have missed my point or I may not have explained my project clearly enough. Basically I'm supposed to mod something beyond it's original intent/goal or mod it enough to change it's intent/goal. I'm going for an aesthetic change so changing the graphics of a particular game. Seeing as I cannot get into the backend of a pop arcade game like final fight, I was looking to find some source files here on the construct forums (a classmate recommended it over GM).

    So here I am. Sounds like no-one has really tackled the genre so I may have to widen my search to platforming action adventure goodness. Anyway here's my project page and a look at the main character design:

    http://mcc154.wetpaint.com/page/Phuong+ ... ect+Design

    <img src="http://image.wetpaint.com/image/1/fHTBGpdncpYV3MnzDdgNKA292045/GW877H620">

  • I'm afraid there are no "skinable" games afaik, just like Construct must games around are in beta as well.

    Given your design the closest thing would be Platform School, a tutorial by deadeye.

    Of course that's a platform so that would require some rethinking on the fighting portion you want to produce, but given those wings, and the bones behavior I bet you could come up with an interesting twist on it. You might even consider some projectile action, rather than melee.

  • Hi , may be it will be useful http://www.4shared.com/file/95852702/797604c6/kan.html .

    In the constructor, you can do beat em up , but there is little problem , I can not understand how to realize an array of strokes to create a combo . have any ideas?

  • Hey thanks guys, thanks a lot. I'm gonna go through platforming school when I get the chance and also look at that. Thanks Izot, that seems to be a good start.

  • I <3 your art. hey that rhymed. but yeah kickass.

  • Thanks! Here he is running accross hot coals.

    Just a rough mockup to see if this will really work. Obviously needs a few more frames but

    you get the idea.

    <img src="http://image.wetpaint.com/image/2/2yL1mSx83ueEg2mURsni3A140933">

    Still looking for an engine so if anyone had any half completed cap's anything help would be appreciated.

  • Rad artwork man, and welcome to the forums

    Unfortuantely, as most of the guys have pointed out, there aren't really any beat-em-up games being made by anyone. Too bad though, because I loved Double Dragon and Zombie Smashers!

    P.S. The aussies are taking over!


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