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  • If this is already in construct then I missed it and I am sorry. But it would be great to have a little checkbox for "Lock sprite size" and "Lock sprite angle" so you do not accidently resize/reangle a sprite.. I know this is not a big deal since you can simply ctrl z undo the action but just a thought.

    I know that construct has a no rotation option but thats for when construct rotates the object and not the user.

  • Since I just had a look at your cap, I guess I know why you often accidently manipulate sprites in an unwanted fashion. Keeping everything on one single layer makes things messy.

    So my advice is again: use layers. Lock layers you're not interested in atm. That should make for a much better workflow.

    Apart from that I don't know about your suggestion. It's not a feature I would really need or use at all I guess. Maybe there are other opinions though.

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  • Yeah thats not a bad idea, its pretty easy sometimes to grab the angle handle by mistake. Right now you can use separate layers like PixelRebirth suggested, or rightclick and lock it from the context. Thing is its set up weird you can lock items one at a time, but to unlock one you have to unlock all.

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