Linux version of Construct?

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  • There should be a Linux version of Construct. Something like this would be a great boon to fangame makers and casual game makers on Linux platform, since there is nothing like this on Linux.

    I know that Construct currently uses DirectX quite heavily, but shouldn't it be possible to use SDL or Allegro or something else instead?

  • SDL or Allegro or something else instead?

    I don't think so. Definitely not for v1.x

    Might be a possibility for 2.0, but I have doubts that there will be runtimes other than DirectX. It's massive amounts of work.

    Then again, some massive purple-skinned leprechaun might waddle into the source code and release a modified runtime in the current version of construct. It's open source, you never know.

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  • It's possible, but given that we're all volunteers working in our free time, we'd rather hit the big market. Someone else is free to make a Linux version since it's all open source, but I doubt anyone will.

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