A lil' bunch of questions (I already read the FAQ)

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  • Hello there.

    I recently discovered Construct, which looks awesome. Besides, I am familiar with clickteam softwares like Game Factory and Multimedia Fusion, which have a similar way to make a game, so this will be my chance to make games that I couldn't do in the past.

    I read the FAQ, so I know most basic things like pausing. But there's still some things where I didn't found any answers:

    1.Can bounding hitboxes be modifiable for a single entity? Let's see I have a platformer guy, and when he crouches, his hitbox must shrink. Or does another method exist, involving bouding hitboxes?

    2.How do separate entities work, like when a character does a swing motion with his arm, and separatly a swords syncs with the move? For another example, for the game I want to make, is the armor system in the megaman X series, when boots, chest armor, armpads and helmet are separate entities that are stuck on the character

    I may have others question in the future, but it's all for now.

  • 1. If you talking about invisible sprite as hitbox, you can:

    • set shrinked animation for hitbox sprite (be sure you use "per-pixel" collision mode)
    • set height of hitbox sprite (be sure sprite's hotspot is on ground, i.e. applied to the lower border of sprite)
    • or don't use separate hitbox sprite, use collision mask for animated sprite instead. It can be edited for each frame. Check deadeye's Platform School tutorials
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  • Thanks! But do you know about my second point? Or anyone else?

  • For the second Q imagepoints should work. Imagepoints are like the action point in clickteam products but you can have more of them.

    Ex:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5426011/examples4/imagepoints.cap made in 0.99.97

  • I see more clearly now, but I still have a question about image point

    You said that you can have multiple of them, and I saw on the event sheet that you can name them, and I saw the FAQ, but they doesn't tell you how to create multiple of them and name them.

    I tried to see on the image editor, with different combinations like control+right/left click, or shift+right/left key but nothing happens.

  • In the image editor when you select the image points tool there is a dropdown list at the top listing all the image points. To the right of that is a "+", click it and it opens up a dialog to add/remove image points.

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