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  • Guys, I have few questions about construct's licensing in general for creation of commercial games. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Construct itself is very powerful constructor, which allows designers

    to create games on their own without any troubles in coding.

    The problem is - its under Gnu Gpl. And let's just say this sucks.

    To example i want to create huge game and sell it trough steam or something.

    So what i gonna do? Of course i can use default hooks in gnu gpl, saying that i keeping your part of code gnu gpl and selling only my parts which i created in this project such all resources, story-line and levels themselves.

    But seriously, what about convert construct classic's license from gnu gpl to zlib or better bsd licensing? Will really help alot.

  • You can use any license you want for your games. Gpl only covers Construct Classic, and its distribution. Basically a game is not any kind of alteration to that code.

  • Its creating exe file yes....hmm..okay a question, theoretically i can include steam.dll and include its api on my game distribution?

  • No idea what their license is for that, but you would probably need to make a plug to use it.

    So yes, theoretically.

  • Thanks for help mate.

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  • You must've missed this sticky!

  • Speaking of Steam API plugins, is there such a thing yet? I would love to have such a plug-in. :)

  • afaik steam don't giving away any api untill they will see you have decent project - and after all you still not free to set your plugin to free download cause steam api is closed for bare souls.

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