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  • Since I have seen alot of things latley with tools and what not I have decided that I will start working on a tool cap that will act as a level editor saver and loader all in one. I have entered the planning phase and have a few features that I plan on having in the cap when I finish it.

    The ability to save and load levels to external files

    I also want to have a mesh terrain deform so you can use meshes.

    a paint brush so it will show the tile you are placing.

    Place objects on different layers

    Basic size manipulation.

    a tool box with all your tiles shown

    a grid option so you can make tile based as well as free form.

    any other suggestions and comments are welcome. Im at school right so I wont be working on this hard core but I need a side project to distact my self when I get stressed so I though this would be a good idea seeing as there is none yet.

  • Grid one's easy.

    Floor( MouseX / N ) * M

    Floor( MouseY / N ) * M

    Where N and M are the size of grid.

    For example, 16x16 grid would be

    Floor( MouseX / 16 ) * 16

    Floor( MouseY / 16 ) * 16

    Just set


    -Sprite: Set position to Floor( MouseX / 16 ) * 16, Floor( MouseY / 16 ) * 16

    or so.

    And make your own checkbox that says something like "Follow grid" and set the sprite/something to follow the grid (Floor) when checked, and just follow mouse (MouseX, MouseY) when not checked.

  • I know how to do most the stuff its just beig able to sit down and dedicate the time to it thats holding me back as of right now. Just looking for comments or suggestions.

  • i admit that i never used tilemaps in any game - but the feature i thought would be neat (or interesting to think about) for an editor is the ability to load different tilesets; i don't know if this is so common that it need not be mentioned :P

    of course, the animation importer of construct already does similar things quite well, so you'll have to take care not to sink too much time into feature duplication ...

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  • I think the way tiles and images will be handle will be through construct. you will have to import your own graphics and objects there is no good way to use a set amount beacuse alot of the feature you cannot change at runtime. ( animation frames are set, not being able to chang graphics of the sprite individually) saving and loading will be handled through the use of a family and you wil just put new object ins the families.

  • Dangit Aeal, I've been working on something exactly like this......

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