Let's ditch Box2D

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  • o_0

    Yeah, um keep hope alive there buddy.

  • The problem with videos is it could have been rendering on a farm for a week. There need to be playable demos to show it's practical, otherwise there's not a chance we'd switch engine!

  • Its' making it's rounds everywhere on the net

    It's a Plugin for XSI and it's obviously too computation heavy to have it in a video game of any kind. Still nice to look at and very impressive work though

  • Yeah, surely that's rendered.

    I've seen most of those effects rendered in Max and Maya plenty of times, but some of them are really impressive.

    Whether that's down to the plugin or the efforts of the modellers is another thing.

    Can't believe that's realtime on any system that's available Today.


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  • Poor Stanford Bunny

  • Yeah i've seen physical before. Loved it. But yeah, it'd be kinda hard to integrate. Physical is 'vertex integration' physics, while Box2d is 'rigid body' simulation. However, in the most recent build of box2d there were some examples of soft bodies and breakable bodies. I tried to port our physics engine to the latest version of box2d, but it doesn't seem to support the concave shapes as well as the old one. I dont know if this is due to some change at the core of box2d (I think everything uses the separating axis theory or something so its literally impossible for collisions to be missed now) or if perhaps the convex decomposition algorithm i used does something wrong thats okay by the standards of the earlier version of box2d but not this version :/

  • I would really like to see something like that in construct just to play around with that.

    Browsed some box 2d forums: ITS AWESOME! I would like to see full potential of box 2d in construct!

  • Most of those are pre-rendered, as already mentioned. It's impossible to render some of those in real time on ANY PC, not counting running a game at the same time. Besides, how many of those would actually be useful in 2D? Not the coolest ones!

    It is pretty impressive though. I hope Blender gets to this point some day D:

  • yeah the closest thing I've seen in 2d is octave engine casual

    http://www.photonstorm.com/archives/12/oecake (gets really cool around 2:00)

    more vids here:


    there's a demo that used to be on their site, now floating around the net somewhere I'm sure

    but it let you configure your own materials, and it's particle based with such flexibility that if I remember correctly, moving sliders could take you all the way from a perfect water simulation to a solid object, to every gelatinous or powdery substance in between

    this company seems to be in charge of the engine now, which was never free as I understand it:


    edit: update: it seems oe-cake is back as Phyzios studio

    and there's a free beta...you gotta check it out if you never got a chance to play with oe-cake


    you'll have to sign up to agree to a noncommercial license, apparently it's turned into a casual games creation tool.

  • Argh, we really need some bored mathematical genious that will make it for us.

    Or else i will start learn this and it will take lot more time.

  • 1:38 - 1:44, i want to eat it.

  • Argh, we really need some bored mathematical genious that will make it for us.

    Or else i will start learn this and it will take lot more time.

    *points to Quazi*

  • Yes please?

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