How can we learn more about making games in Construct?

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  • There are some tutorials, and how-to-do's, right. But I wonder how we can raise our skills to use potential of Construct?

    There are books about popular game engines, like Source Engine, Torque Engine, etc. But I don't think there is any resource like that for Construct. So, I think we need self-skill to use the Construct.

    What can we do to further understand the Construct?

    Is it better to learn advanced subjects of Visual Basic (for handling better the GUI of Construct) or is it better to study Python (to customize the source code to directly effect the game).

    What type of path should we go, to increase our skill related with Construct?

    (I hope you understood the question, cause I got a bit forced to express my thoughts )

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  • There is no better way to learn than prototyping in Construct. Just think of a simple concept, prototype it, when you get stuck, ask around or browse forums/wiki and eventually you'll know Construct better than its own creators.

  • I've dabbled in a few languages, and construct is really it's own thing. There were alot of "is this possible with python?" questions I asked when I first got here, but as I got a little more experience I realized there are ways to do most of those things without python(which from what I understand, isn't fully functional at the moment anyway). The best thing is to ask alot of questions about anything you can't figure out, and try to figure out how to do things. there's a certain logic to it after a while, and things that seemed impossible without other language features start to work.

    If you're asking about visual basic and such, you may want to tackle some more advanced ideas, make sure you read all the "hidden features" threads in the tutorials forum,

    and read up in the wiki about:

    system expressions, which can be good for math,

    system actions, which has a lot of useful things you might not know about like "for each object" .

    Also read the wiki for functions, families, groups, and private variables.

    These all multiply the power and the level of complexity you can achieve.

    Also, keep your eyes open. I'm thinking of posting a few advanced concept tutorials in the tutorials section, dealing with concepts like math, and object oriented design as it relates to construct. at least a little while away though, because I'm trying to get a big project off the ground

    but seriously, just keep asking questions every time you get stuck. the community here is helpful and intelligent.

    and welcome to construct

    edit: oh yeah, and what mipey said, once you get a grasp of the construct flow of things, you'd be amazed by how much you can do in a few minutes. that's why you see so many responses to help questions with examples, because it takes no time at all to start a new cap, and try something out. then if it works by itself, you worry about putting it in the larger context

  • Sometimes, thinking the solutions can be challenging. I think learning something like Visual Basic and studying its advanced methods can help building the structures on Construct. Just a idea though

  • Dont forget, we have a chat(ctop), and there are built in templates for a couple different game types.

    The way things are now, the Ghost Shooter tut will give you the best gist of how its meant to work.

  • ive never been limited by using only events, and i have made some pretty complicated things, dont feel that because you cant do something its eventing thats holding you back, think about the solution because its 95% possible using the current system.

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