On any key released[unresolved]

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  • Possible or not? I want to call a function anytime a key is pressed or released. I would be able to do that with 2 events. I figure it more not be possible or hard for some reason if it's not already there?

  • add event: system: For loop

    from 0 - 100

    subevent Mouse Keyboard: On Key Released,

    instead of choosing a key, right click just above where you would choose a key

    and click use expression

    for the expression type in "loopindex"

    <img src="http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1013446/New%20folder%20%282%29/Capture4.PNG">

    and there's already an "on any key pressed" one

    but I think that's what you meant

  • where is the Any key?

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  • Thanks for showing how to tool around with key loopindex. Unfortunately, this doesn't work 100% properly. (Using "on key press" as example) you see - when you pressed two different keys it will loop indefinately like it was "key is down" event. The native trigger "on any key pressed" however works no matter how or how many you press or are already down. (EDIT: depending on your keyboard I should say, some limit number of keys at same time)

    <img src="http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/9118/loopindexkeypress.png">

    Last event works right. Other two are not quite there yet. As you can tell trying "On Release" produces the same effect.

  • anyway.... heres a video showing whats up.

    http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=da7a ... f6e8ebb871

    Alt Link (this link my not work)

    when the pink one doesnt move im holding j and pressing k or vice versa. when i hold h and press j it spins indefinitely. seems pretty random. the other one just moves on any press like its supposed to. now a on key release equivalent condition would be nice. i ll post a feature request in tracker sometime in the future. have fun with yourselves guys.

    for future users if this is not added

    go into google and search 1 to 89 copy and paste into notepad highlight a blank space and replace blank space with word or or | to take up less space put that in for your key instead of loopindex bye

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