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  • it would be very much appreciated and complement the existing input methods. since i have no clue about the implementation, would that be a realistic expectation to have for the new year :) ?

  • It'll probably make it in somewhere before 1.0, though I can't say where.

  • make sure it supports analog control rich (like the extension for mmf), a simple joystick plugin isnt of much use.

    and make sure it can detect all axis' of a xbox 360 controller, because theyre one of the most popular PC joysticks/pads wtv, and used by alot of ppl.

  • Just make it use DirectInput (which is probably what Rich will do based on his earlier posts I've read) and it will support everything, including dual analog controllers.

    Then I can finally make a dual analog shooter like Gunroar or Geometry Wars.

  • xbox 360 has at least 3 analogs for sure, maybe even 4

    i know this because theres 1 for each joystick and another for the triggers, but it may have 4.

  • i know this because theres 1 for each joystick and another for the triggers, but it may have 4.

    then wouldn't it be 4 already because there are 2 triggers?

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  • Don't worry. DirectInput is already equipped to handle everything. You don't need to program it for a certain amount of triggers or anything like that. DirectInput supports whatever joystick you plug into the computer, whatever is detected in the Control Panel. If they use DirectInput, it can support pretty much everything, multiple triggers, analog sticks, even things such as force feedback.

  • I'm not sure, but I think I heard somewhere DirectInput's status is 'on-the-way-out', a bit like Directsound. There's a new XInput API, but it only seems to support Xbox 360 controllers. Still, something to look in to for a joystick plugin.

  • triggers are strange

    on the xbox 360 controller, in most emulators and joy 2 key wtv it detects the triggers as a single z axis. when you press the right it goes up to positive 100, and when you press down it goes to negative 100.

    might just be a lack of input channels on everything ive used tho

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