Joystick Inputs and various features.

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  • I noticed there was no joystick support recently. I also seemed to me that (currently) there is no way to access 'controls' outside of movement behaviors. Is this correct? If so, I'd like to share some thoughts on how joysticks and game inputs in general should be handled (though I'll save it until I know for sure that these things are still not integrated).

    The other features I was wondering about is save related features. One of the few MMf2 additions in a long time that seemed wonderful was the 'save screen state' ability. I'd really like to see this added, since anything else could be handled easily with a text file, but that has many useful applications with much less work on the developers end.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • There's a discussion on gamepads/joysticks here:

    With regard to saving, you can use the 'quick load/save' and 'save to file/load from file' in the System Object, or create your own system via INI/registry etc.

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