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  • I've been looking into building a Java Runtime (which would allow Construct games to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and also a web applets) which would use OpenGL instead of DirectX. Would people actually use this if it was available?

  • Oh cool! Lets call it Stencyl!.... oh wait.

    Um does Java support hardware acceleration?

    I'm going to have to say no, as I hate running applets, and the security risks in an open source app that's this easy would be huge.

  • To be honest, Java wasn't really designed for gaming. People always argue over performance, but I find most java programs I've ever used are pretty slow. I think it's being overtaken by other technologies these days...

  • I find most java programs I've ever used are pretty slow.

    Same here. Compared to construct's DirectX runtime, java would feel super slow. Also, I'm pretty sure construct depends on directX for tons of features... so how feasible is this idea? (I honestly don't know, not being cocky or anything )

  • Java's performance is really appalling on my system, so yeah, there is a 'no' from me. Flash is also a 'no' option for me.

  • Don't care if it's java or whatever, but it'd be great if people could play Construct games in the browser without installing extra plugins.

  • I think OpenGL support alone would be much better. Not that that's a simple task.

  • Java's graphical performance is slow using it's built-in CPU-based graphics libraries. I would be using OpenGL (as I stated in my post) so performance would be the same as DirectX.

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  • Yes, I would like to see a Java Runtime in Construct.

  • A java runtime would rock!

  • yep,

    could do applications for my phone easily, sounds tempting.

    Do it and rule the World. hehe

  • I'd rather have a Flash runtime, unless we're talking Java for Mobile (which would be kind of nightmarish to develop, I believe).

    I played an OpenGL Java game (Spy Hunter) and it CRAWLED while doing nothing spectacular.

    This is par for the Java course.

  • The more options available the better (as long as it's not some big obscure format) besides java will get better nowadays since it's become more open source. I am all for it.

  • A java runtime would be awesome. Many people believe Java is so much slower than C++ but in some cases it can even be faster. Plus, Java would give developers a much wider userbase.

  • Imagine it for applications, not just games being built with Construct remember!! It would be a massive boost to have it build a plaftorm independant java app.

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