January update

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  • Hey everyone, time for our monthly update of whats happening at Scirra. Happy new year! We've been busy - we had three builds out in December, 0.98, 0.98.2 and 0.98.3. Being the winter holidays, most of us have plenty of time on our hands, but as semester time comes back around again, things might slow up a bit more. (For those of you that are new to the community, all us developers are students!) Also, builds will only be posted on the forum at first, and providing there are no serious new problems, they'll be posted to the front page and start informing old users there's a new version available, a day or two later. This should help avoid the problems with last-minute things breaking and constant updates that we suffered a bit with 0.98.

    After 1.0, we'll split Construct in to stable/unstable branches, so that users who don't check the forum only get stable builds coming around. Most other open-source projects I know of work like this as well.

    We're likely to have a few minor 0.98.x builds before moving on to 0.99, which will be the last major version before we move on to release candidates.

    Server moved

    In the past month we had a few problems with our server - we ran out of bandwidth, so we've up and moved the whole site to a server hosted by Gullanian. Thanks Gullanian! The bandwidth allowance on the new server still isn't huge though, so we'll still have a problem if the site starts using even more bandwidth, but hopefully we're good staying put for now. Everything should be back to normal now including site links, emails and the forums - if you notice any problems let someone know!


    We recently added a chat to the forum. It's been great to chat in person with Construct users, so stick it in your bookmarks and drop in from time to time

    (Note: I don't think a chat link appears in the top navigation bar of any of the themes except for the default one - it's still there and you can still use it on other themes though!)


    In the run up to 1.0, we need to have full, comprehensive documentation, and a good set of tutorials aimed at complete beginners. There have been some excellent contributions to the Wiki recently from all parties involved, so thankyou! Please, do feel free to get stuck in and edit the wiki if you want to help - it means us developers can spend more time writing code and fixing bugs, instead of writing documentation. Remember, if you want to edit the Wiki, you need a SourceForge.net account, then you need to log in to the Wiki so it knows you exist, then you need to post your SourceForge username in this thread. It's a bit of a pain having it work that way, but it's how the SourceForge-hosted wikimedia software works (they don't, for example, allow anonymous edits). Thanks to all contributors, every little helps!

    Well, that's all I can think of for now, next update in February!

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