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  • Has anyone tried to create isometric games with construct. I'm thinking of trying to create an isometric game one day but I have not much experience. One thing that have stucked in my mind is that with isometic games you can only se 2 walls. So if you have levers, keyholes and hidden spaces you can only place them on those 2 walls. Then what about if you could turn the view so you can se the other 2 walls. It could give the game a new dimension. How complex would it be to make this with construct?


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  • Guess it would be possible....

  • Most Isometric games get around this problem by making the 2 walls that you normally can't see, go transparent when you walk near them. That way you can see your player guy, as well as any switches/doors on those walls. Trying to rotate the view is probably the HARDEST way of getting around this problem (that I like to call ISO-Syndrome). The other big challenge you will face when going isometric view is that the graphics required for your game are automatically 10x more complicated than a side view game, and about 4X more complicated than an overhead view game. I would highly suggest checking out how games like "Alien Shooter Vengence" works in terms of how it handles the isometric view with the play mechanics you have mentioned.


  • Isometric games are really something I love to play around with, particularly grid-based ones.

    What you're thinking would probably be very difficult to make with Construct, however I can see how it could be done (with lots of improvisation).

    I will probably attempt an isometric game sometime, however right now I think I'll try to write a grid data parser (ie, it takes a string of 4,4,2,5,6,2,65,7,3,1,6 into a grid of tiles identified by ID).

    After that we'd need to make some form of grid to isometric stuff, basically getting the right points to attach the grid tiles to on their XY coordinates (and maybe Z coordinates), and the character movement could be dealt with using a custom movement (always move x distance towards ('newx'),('newy') + Key Up Arrow is Pressed -> Add 1 to ('gridy'), set ('newy') to <work out some crazy "the grid space is here in pixels" stuff>)... after that it'd be a case of making walls and stuff attach to the grid spaces where appropriate, and then making a game.

    Alternatively, we could simply use 3D boxes and sprited characters with even a stationary camera, but... y'know, that'd be easier. And much less cool, and you wouldn't really be able to brag about it much because Construct did way too much of the work.

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