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  • I got the idea to do this:

    From Deadeye's example.

    The question is, why is it randomizing the sizes of the sprite while giving it random angles?

    Not that I'm complaining mind you, I was planning on doing that anyway.

    Which brings up the request, could we have a set way to set a sprites size other than having to do it separately by width, then height? The reason I ask is because if you just go in and say set sprite length to random(x), then do the same for width, you wont have the same aspect ratio.... unless your lucky.

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  • It's not changing the size. I'm pretty sure that's just a visual illusion created by slight differences in angles. Kinda like the arrows thing:

    <img src="">

    And as for the maintaining aspect ratio... why not just add one event?

    And yes that example is a little extreme but I did that so you can see the ratio is still as it should be.

    Also, any other size differential comes more from the fact that you have a sin behavior changing the size anyways.

  • Ah ok I see now, I was expecting the behavior to return the sprites to normal on inactivation.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the sizing issue, I still think a scale action would be nice tho...

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