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  • One of the problems I've been having in debugging, especially with bugs in my logic that show up as a result of interactions with a later-created event sheet, is the lack of information in the event list. For example, checking of a key in one hash table exists in another hash table shows only the hash table that has the key you are checking for, and not the hash table in which you are checking for a match (or do i have that reversed?) So what can happen is that statements that look identical can do different things. As the flow charts grow larger and more time passes since their creation this can lead to confusion.

    However, I do appreciate the conciseness of the current view. So an optional view for debugging that includes more information would be great.

  • You should only use one hash table - put it on the first layout and make it global.

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  • Well this isn't just a hashtable issue, I think there are other ways that events may appear the same but do different things as well. Furthermore, I have different classes of information stored in the different hash tables. Is an array a better option for that sort of thing?

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