Improving Ease of Event Management

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  • Ok, here's my issue ... drag and drop events ... I was expecting it to copy it automatically when dragging and dropping actions from one event to another. And it Should work that way, because think about it ... When does anyone just move an action ? .. rarely ... and that can be done easily just by deleting the copied item. But if you leave it as is, you have to either create the same action over again, or manually copy it by using ctrl + c, then use ctrl + v to paste it, then move it to the new location. It's irritating and time-consuming that way. This is the sort of Interface type issues I've been talking about. The little details matter a great deal.

    So, I was just hoping that maybe in the next version of Construct, you could change the drag and drop events into a drag copy instead.

    Just keep improving Construct and it will be better than all the other click type interface game creation tools.

    Thanks for Reading !

  • To duplicate an action, hold down ctrl.

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  • Thank You Arima.

    It might be better if it were changed to hold right click, then left drag to copy.

    That way only the mouse has to be used.

  • Or at very least, more options in the context menu.

  • As Arima said, control held while dragging is a standard mechanism to copy things - in both editors - and there is no plans to change this.

    The context menu could do with a revamp; it's missing standard commands, I agree.

  • good point

  • This is already implemented in the program options. Although, not all key combinations seem to work for me..

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