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  • Hi everyone, new user of Construct here. I've read the FAQ, done searches through the forums, read the Wiki, etc. and still haven't found a direct answer to my question. Is there a way to import an entire tileset, or groups of images on a sheet, at once rather than having to manually cut up each individual item and load them as separate images?

  • This should do the trick .

  • Hi Rich, thanks for the quick reply. I actually did try that option yesterday and the program crashed on me. It worked the first time (cut the tiles up, though my tileset wasn't set up properly, so the tiles were more like pieces of different tiles than discrete tiles) and then every time I right-clicked on that section it immediately crashed to the desktop.

    I didn't report a bug because I thought maybe I had done something strange, or that it was my system, because it worked the first time (and it was late). I thought that maybe there was some other way I was supposed to be importing resources that I didn't know about. I can try to reproduce this error tonight and upload a .cap file if that would help.

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  • Crashes are always bugs, so please report them!

  • I reported the bug and uploaded the file. The .cap file is blank at the moment, though, because the first thing I tried was to upload a .png after I started a new DirectX9 game file project. Anyway, hope you guys can figure out what the problem is. Construct is a neat program.

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