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  • i don't know if construct can already do this but i just thought that it would be interesting to be able to experience the way another construct user experiences using construct. it would also help to figure out which custom key settings and interface layouts are more efficient to work with and this has the potential for figuring out the best way to introduce a new user to construct, were they to tackle this program head first!

  • I think screenshots are a pretty good way to show your interface

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  • yes, screenshots may be enough to do the job for the time being but construct, being open source, will potentially have interface customizations that will go deep to the point that it would require a lot of screenshots to show off interface customizations.

    plus importing a file for customized hotkeys is useful for transferring settings from station to station and easier than manually changing them, especially if a lot of changes have been made!

  • don't underestimate the lazyness of people. Not many will actually bother changing construct.

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