Image point angles

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  • When placing an image point, it should have a handle similar to rotating objects in the layout editor, so you can set an angle for it.

    Then you can set up weapon/object movements via image points completely.

  • Isn't this what the bone movement is for? Why not just use two image points and get the angle between them?

  • I'm using pixel art.

    Could do that, but it involves making the images wider, more hassle placing them, etc, then going back and tweaking it alot. An angle selector is much more intuitive.

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  • This is something I'll definitely consider implementing. Image points are great if you want to have a character hold a gun in their hand or something while having an animation of them holding nothing. But it means if you have a running animation where the character swings his arms about that the gun always stays at the same direction. By having image points, it would be possible to make the gun rotate accordingly so it suits the animation. Also you could easy make reload animations.

    I just need to see how much it would affect existing objects as it would require changes to the structure of image points.

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