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  • Being able to temporarily disable controls through the system object would be super helpful.

  • Should be more specific on this:

    Basically, I want to setup a dialogue system in which the player advances the timeline periods by pressing any button. And the problem right now is that the player jumps when pressing jump during the dialogue sequence because the 'during timeline' event has a slight hickup when switching between periods.

    i tried quite a lot already, like setting a private variable while a timeline is playing, but the problem is that there's a downtime between each period, where the 'while timeline is playing' doesn't apply anymore, so even if I set jump strength to 0 during the timeline the player will still jump if he presses jump while the timeline is playing because the timeline object will switch between periods and lose its value.

    So it's set-up like this:

    While Timeline Dialogue is playing:

    Set PV 'Cutscene' to 1

    If PV 'Cutscene' is 1 - Ignore input / set jump strength to 0

    When timeline ends - Set PV 'Cutscene' to 0.

    Doesn't really work though. I tried other stuff, like activating and deactivating the platform behavior and changing the event from 'while timeline is playing' to 'if dialogue text box is active' and stuff like that - but I haven't really found a cool way of disabling the jumping during a cutscene sequence.

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  • Platform Behavior has both "Ignore Input" and "Set Activated."

    Edit: Didn't see that you tried deactivating it already. Did you use Ignore Input yet though?

  • For my dialogue system I do as Mr Wolf mentioned above. I deactivate the platforming and also set the platform behaviour to 'Ignore Input'. Works like a charm.

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