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  • This is an idea, not sure if it has been said before but it hit me in the shower.

    I believe this could potentially increase the games performance of construct massively.

    What if groups worked like groups, but more like conditions.

    If a certain condition wasn't met, I will use my games jetpack code as an example...

    Construct will completely ignore that entire group, saving processor time and memory.

    Group>>>>Jetpack>>> If player.value(hasjetpack == 1)

    Run Jetpack Events

    This would allow construct to completely ignore these events until they are needed, instead of skimming through them one by one, determining if they are active for 10+ events it can just check once.

    Not sure about the ins and outs of construct, but that was an idea I had.

    Seems logical to me...

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  • Construct already does this. If a group is inactive, the events are not even looked at. If an event has 20 subevents and a condition in the parent event is false, none of the 20 subevents are even looked at.

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