HTTP + HTML, how confusing

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  • First of all i want to congratulate Ashley for his huge job with Construct.

    The Text Manipulator and the HTTP Object was two reasons to continue using MMF2.

    I was trying the HTTP Object creating a basic browser engine, using the HTTP to manage the requests and HTML to parse them.

    The HTTP Object works well but the HTML.. it doesn't support most of HTML Tags present in a web page such as <li>.

    I think that the HTML Object needs some improvements, isn't it?

    [Sorry for my poor english, i'm Italian]

  • At this point, we're ecstatic it even works. Construct is such an early beta at this point. Give it time - these features will eventually be fleshed out.

  • From the looks of it, the HTML object was completely custom coded...

    A lot of work goes into creating a good html rendering engine...

    Maybe one day Construct could use Webkit or the likes... It will take time though, as Construct is still young and has few devs...

    Or maybe I should start really learning how to write extensions for Construct... but what to start with?

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  • [quote:2p2bv3eb]Maybe one day Construct could use Webkit or the likes...

    This was my idea.

  • The HTML object I think is only meant to display formatted text; not HTML pages.

    Someone would have to write a plugin to utilise IE to display webpages.

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