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  • I've tried for a while now, and I just can't get used to the way the new hotspot centering works in the image editor. For every-day image editing purposes, it's a little bothersome. It would be handy for scrubbing through animations, sure... but mostly I just want the image I'm working on to stay in one spot.

    Could we possibly get a checkbox for the hotspot tool that allows us to "Center on hotspot" if checked? So that when it's checked, it behaves the way it does now, but if unchecked it behaves the old way. Bonus points if the box remembers if it's checked or not

    And on a semi-related note, if you use the numpad to move an image point, it also moves the hotspot, which means you have to go back and fix the hotpot again.

  • I second this request I dont really like the new way i see no way how this is better thanbefore.

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  • [quote:39ttsdoh]if you use the numpad to move an image point, it also moves the hotspot

    and i noticed that if use numpad to move image point it doesn't save it when you exit picture editor

    in order to save it you must place image point with mouse cursor

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