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  • I am not sure where this should go... I am starting to get vaguely a grip on how things work in construct, as I am trying to fool around with the (awesome, thank you so much deadeye) platform school tutorial... and tried to create folders to sort things.

    I discovered that the folders could only be created from the project bar, but could not find another direct use to it. Are the objects in the project bar for sorting only? Does it have another function later on?

    (I reread my thing and could not really understand it myself, so I edited to make it more straightforward)

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  • Folders are mainly for organizing your objects. Instead of having an insanely long list of objects for a large project, you have folders for obstacles, enemies, items, etc. There aren't any functions to affect folders like "destroy objects in folder x." It's just for your convenience, and sanity.

  • [quote:3lgj1fe4]It's just for your convenience, and sanity.

    I like that ^^

    Thanks for the answer, I am still trying to organize things to make sense later, so I like to get it as right as possible at first...

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