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  • Hi!

    It's really hard to work with effects, especially layer effects, that shouldn't be turned on at start since ther's no way to hide them in the editor. So if i at one point in the game want a difference effect on one layer i have to either ad the effect before i run the game and remove it afterwards again, or i have to work with it turned on all the time.

    Best would be a checkbox in the properties of each effect, but a "hide effects in editor" in the preferences would be great to.


  • Why don't you just apply the effect to the layer and hide the layer? That'll do.

  • then i can't work on the layer..? Or what do you mean? I'm aplying the effect to the layer where all the graphics are, so it has to be visible when i'm working on the game. But it's not just in that case it would be practical. For example i use some sprites with magnify that i spawn to create effects. Such sprites are invisible if you have them outside the layout, and you don't want such objects in the playing area. Of course there are solutions to that, but a Hide effects setting would make things much easier.

  • This might be an overkill, but while waiting for a "hide effects in editor" you may try this quick'n'dirty effect I wrote for you, named Switch.

    It is intended as a switch to hide all previous effects in the chain, so Switch needs to be the last one. Also, it is not intensively tested, it might not work in all situations.

    Switch has one parameter called "Status". The default value is 0, which means that Switch isn't hiding anything. Set this value to anything else than 0 to hide the previous effects.

    Of course you should add an "Start of layout"-event with System->Layers->Enable or disable layer effect->layer x disable "Switch".

    This way the settings don't affect the game when running...

    Download: Switch.fx

  • Using one effect to hide the others, lol. Nice work.

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  • Are yo able to hide the effects now in the editor. The Layout swirl effect example seems to do this but I Can't work out how?

    Whoops I see this is actually the construct classic forum I am trying to work this out for construct 2. Sorry

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