help me test 3d plugin(fixed? 10/30@8:51am(est))

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  • (please redownload if you tried before the time in the topic name, may have fixed the problem)

    ok, in chat some users cpu's had some rounding errors that caused major problems with display, namely, the plugin not displaying anything.

    if you have a few seconds to help me determine the extent of this problem,

    please try these two exe's, and let me know if it passed or failed. and what cpu you have and what windows and whether its 32 or 64 bit.   helping me will not only allow everyone to see amazing visuals courtesy of this plug, and quazi's capbuilding skills, but also eventually, a 3d camera/point cloud/poly plug. just a heads up though, this doesn't mean a general 3d camera for cc. the 3d cam would just work for this plug, and exploring the point clouds you make with the plug


    this one has 4 text boxes, with numbers in them. if you don't see anything else, that means it doesn't work on your pc, and please report the numbers here and your cpu. if you see something in the center of the screen, it works!

    this one even if displays nothing initially, should display something when you roll the mouse wheel, so rotate it a little and if you don't see something move onto the screen, it also failed. I don't need the numbers here, just to know if it failed. if you see an object rotating around the camera from top to bottom as your roll the mouse wheel, you win!

    thanks in advance for the help

  • Test 1: See 4 pink 'things' in the centre and numbers in all corners = -189.388259887695

    Test 2: Pink thing scrolls up or down, depending on which way I scroll, so I guess this works.

    My config in my sig.

  • The first time I ran the first one I got 0 in every corner and 4 pink pony thingamabobs in the middle. The second time the numbers all said 2.something or -2.something (can't remember which) and there was nothing in the centre. Third time onwards if I run it there's nothing in the centre and each corner says -3355458048. CPU is an Intel Core2Duo 6420, stock 2.13GHz but currently running at 2.96GHz.

    Second one appears to work as described!

  • Passed for me (i5 2400, AMD 6850).

  • thanks everyone also, 32 or 64 bit windows may be helpful to know as well

  • Similar results to untune. On the first one:

    First time I ran it 4 pink ponies in center and 0's in all four corners. All subsequent times I run it I get -3422577664 in corners and blank in center.

    Second one works fine..see the pink pony roll up and down with mouse wheel.

    P8700 Core2Duo 2.53GHZ Win7 64bit

  • thanks again everyone

    if you download again, it's an updated exe

    I've fixed some code that may have been the cause of the problem

  • Nether one works for me :(

    The first exe shows -4.4383028572693e in all corners and there's nothing in the middle.

    The second one changes the numbers when i roll the mouse wheel but it doesn't display anything.

    I have a 32bit windows 7, AMD 64 X2 Dual-core processor 4200+ 1.61GHz

    Apparently my computer is too weak

  • Not sure if I needed to re-run with updates, but:

    Teat 1: Same as previous post

    Test 2: Seems smoother. Pink thing looks as if shrinks and grows as it rotates along axis. Values go from negative to positive as it rotates.

  • For reference I'm on Win7 64bit.

    Ran the new first one and got -2.13113184851067 in every corner and nothing in the centre. Ran it again and got the -3355458048 all subsequent times I tried again.

    Ran the second one and saw nothing this time!

  • So, lucid, the problem is solved now, I take it? :D

  • ok shviller the great found the error!!!!

    test one more time just in case


    the problem was a simple typo somewhere I hadn't thought to look


    was supposed to be:


    heh...uninitialized variables

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  • Both run fine now <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Though of note: whereas the first version of the second test rotated so that the object passed all the way from the top to bottom/bottom to top (depending on scoll direction) the new one passes from the top to the middle of the window as though the 'camera' is positioned at the edge of the circle rather than the middle.

    Not sure if this is an issue or not but thought I'd mention it just in case!

  • First one got the 4 ponies in the middle, and 4 zeros, but the 2 zeros on the right are not in the corner, kinda floating

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Second one seems to work.

  • That's fine sved, just threw the text in there, with imperfect placement :)

    Thanks everyone. It seems to be working and should hear more about this as it gets further along...when I have some time i'll make an updated demo

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