Help with grid movement

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  • Hi this is my first post in the forums I am using construct classic "cant afford construct 2".

    my question is about the grid movement.

    What I want is to have an event activate the sprites grid movement make it move 3 grid spaces vertical then shut it off.

    here is the event

    procedure is just a private variable im using to determine what the boss does.

    What I thought would happen is if grid movement is activated it would move 3 grid spaces and deactivate it but apparently it just jumps straight to being deactivated.

    How would I go about doing what I want?

    I don't know if the image is working

    the event says if the sprites grid movement gets activated

    sprite move 3 vertical

    deactivate grid movement behavior.

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  • No image showing up here, can you upload it to dropbox and just post a link to it here (and replace the ".com" with "(dot) com" to avoid the link being blocked)

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