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  • Hi everyone, I dont know if anyone remembers me but I have been around since before the Daily Click and sadly had moved on from the community ages ago (not for any reason just ran out of time and found other hobbies as you do). On a random visit to tDC I found out about Construct and thought I'd give it a go.

    Well I just wanted to say it looks awesome and I've checked out some of the tech demos and they are great. I'm going to have a play around with it and see what I can come up with!

    Perhaps I can finish a game in construct without it crashing and making my files unreadable like MMF used to (and part of the reason I gave up haha)!!!

  • Welcome to forum, please remember that Construct is in Beta stage so there are bugs and dont have full feature.

  • Hello and welcome to construct and the forums!

    Construct sure is more powerful, flexible, and effective to use then mmf, but i have to warn you. Crashing and making your files unreadable is kind of constructs thing right now. Ashley is hunting the bugs desperately so they will hopfully be gone within a few new builds, but right now you have to be very careful, and use autobackup and autosave.

    It happened two times yesterday that construct started to save unreadable files without crashing. The result was that when it crashed and i tried to open the latest backup, six of my backups was corrupt and i had to start over from quite a while back.

    So take it easy. Dont get scared away because of that. It will be fixed.

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  • Ah ok, it doesnt bother me to much right now because Im only playing around with it, not making massive projects that I spent months on to have all my saves corrupt haha, and that from a program I PAID for.

    Hopefully I can be of use during the beta and report any errors I find.

    I was blown away with some of the tech demos, graphically it seems alot further ahead than MMF was. I havnt used MMF2 though so I can't cmment there. My history is K&P and then MMF. I used to use the K&P sprite editor and import to MMF because I Hated the MMF editor, but from what I can see the Construct editor is pretty good.

    This program has brought me back into game making haha.

  • Welcome, and I hope you enjoy using Construct! Don't forget we have a bug tracker you can report any problems you find on.

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