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  • Hi guys, first msg here.

    Iam lurking in the forum for some time but until now, I never really feel the need of posting something. But after see the COnstruct wiki gos 404 I thought this would be an oportunity to interact with ppl here.

    So, I was thinking in learn and maybe make a platform game. Problem is, most of the lessosn avaible in that wiki are offline.

    Someone know if there are plans to keep C.Classic running or the staff will abandon this platform in favor to HTML5.

    And sorry for my bad english, its sucks, I know.

  • As seen on another similar topic

    It is just a matter of time before tutorials for Construct will be accessible again.

    The best you can do, as of now, is to mess/play around with construct, and ask specific questions on the forum when you have one.

    Also welcome on the forum.

  • Thx for your reply Kya. Good to be here.

    So, whats are you using, the old one or the new 2.0?

  • Atm I'm mainly going with C2.

    What is pretty interesting is that pretty much everything that you learnt from CC can be used in C2.

  • Exactly what I was thinking. The problem is, I dont know if games make for browsers will have the same quality ( good ammount of effects with constant fps) than a .exe game. I just wanna do games for my personal pleasure and for ppl to have a good time playing then. But of course, I want some quality.

    A silly question. HTML5 do support mult-core and video card processing?

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  • HTML5 does. In fact the main question atm is about browser allowing accelerated canvas (as it is the browsers who are implementing the HTML5 specification, HTML5 by itself is nothing but a bunch of written documents establishing a standard).

    So atm I believe Firefox and IE9 only (info to be confirmed) have hardware accelerated canvas support. For the others browsers, it is a matter of time before they catch up.

    At the moment, browser games aren't as eye-candy as Construct's DirectX .EXEs

    But once again, as time will go by, we can bet that browsers will be more and more reliable.

    As for FPS consistancy, so far using Firefox 5 with my ATI Radeon HD 4800 I have had consistant 60 fps in every projects I've made/tested (Your C2 tests, a topic that slipped to page 2).

    For a little overview of HTML5 I'll link you to scirra's blog and their last article about HTML5.

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