Handling event sheets.

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    I have found that most of my event sheets are only used to include a few other event sheets. Was thinking that if there was a system like the ones for adding behaviours or effects, instead of the default event sheet option there is currently it would cut back on all this.

    Green box is the idea. Cutting the default sheet system out would eliminate the need for so many event sheets(red lines).

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  • Have you thought about having a single event sheet that more than one layout uses? You could have a 'standard level' event sheet which includes 'Gameplay' and 'Rain' and simply select that as the event sheet for several levels.

    Does that do what you want or were you after something more?

  • My 'default' sheet is set up something like that. Perhaps I can have several different default event sheets, with several different combinations of event sheets in each. I mean there is always a way around it, was just thinking this could be a little more elegant, however I do understand where you are with Construct 1, so perhaps it is something you could keep in mind going forward.

  • Groups also work well with this. Plus you can have groups within groups, and enable/ disable them on the fly.

    That coupled with a global variable gives you a lot of control.

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