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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • Looks awesome Arsonide =]

  • Very well but before start to sell it we must see something like a free trial version (with limited functions). Just to know how good it can be.

    Keep up the good work man.

  • I've seen a few screens of the events. It's a pretty good system.

    You don't have to include tons of separate images, and you treat the elements as you would objects in events. So you can have as much, or as few as you like, all with proper parent/child hierarchy.

  • I could probably arrange a demo plugin, with less widgets available. However, any caps made with that version probably would not work after buying the full version, as the ACE table would drastically change, messing up all the demo cap's events.

  • Very Cool. Great work!

  • So far, the plugin has 85 actions, 45 conditions, and 25 expressions, and I'm not done. It's a doozy folks, but don't let those numbers intimidate you - it's very well organized. Everything you need to find is categorized for your pleasure. If you don't believe me, here's a screenshot!

  • Yeah man! Looking really forward to it, as I promise myself that my map editor GUI would make good use of it.

  • So I took a two week hiatus for Diablo 3, but I'm back. The good news is that the plugin is nearly done, and I'm removing the commercial license. The plugin will cost $14.99, but that will include commercial use.

  • And so, GWEN plugin was forgotten

  • It looked promising - what has become of this???

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  • Twas not forgotten. I will be releasing it later today and releasing tutorial videos and updating the plugin as time goes by. As it stands, the plugin is $9.99 including commercial use.

  • I just love YouTube's transcript feature:

    "the new yorker context knowing your name is george green that he is an object that was originally stated that this task or group of artists are another solution to that"

    EDIT: what I as a non-english person understood, was this: "If you want to make a context menu or an inventory screen, you'd have to use an object that wasn't originally suited to this task, or a group of objects that weren't originally suited to this task" If I can understand it, why does an application especially made for this purpose fail?^^ END OF EDIT

    (Either transcripting should be improved, or you're mumbling too much ) <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Back to topic: Will there be an option to save and load a complete layout of the ui? This would enable creating a live editor and reusing an ui layout in different projects.

  • Alrighty, I have released GWEN. After a few weeks of implementing feature requests, fixing a few known issues, and fixing issues that people find, I will release an update to it. Please keep that in mind. All the legal stuff is written in ENGLISH in the readme, not legalese. Also keep in mind that you will need a skin file for GWEN in the same directory as your CAP. A default skin is provided in the zip file.

    GWEN makes beautiful, powerful interfaces. I've already used it in a few personal projects. You won't regret your purchase. For more in depth information on GWEN, read its project page here:

    Benefits of using GWEN over Construct UI elements: GWEN uses CONSTRUCT to render itself, not Windows, meaning it is much more flexible. All of GWEN's interface elements are created, modified, and maintained in the event sheet - meaning instead of cluttering up your layout, they can be organized into groups and minimized. GWEN can do all the measuring for you, meaning absolute coordinates aren't necessary - elements can be docked, ordered, and aligned based on relative positions rather than absolute coordinates, taking a lot of math off your shoulders and giving you flexibility, and meaning that changes at runtime (whether the user resizes something or the resolution changes) are reacted to instantaneously and smoothly. GWEN has a lot more interface options than Construct. Context Menus, toolbar ribbons, tree lists, inventory screens, etc. These are only a few of the many benefits, but they are the ones I like the most.

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    Video Two! (Shows off a lot more widgets than video one. The program in this video was made fairly quickly with GWEN, despite the complexity.)

    I will be recording and releasing Youtube videos outlining (in great depth) how to use each widget in the coming days/weeks. I will also create a proper release thread in the completed addons forum. However, for now:

    Buy GWEN!

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