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  • Hi, i have been using the program a lot recently and also code some simple HLSL things and have had a few ideas which i think would be good, hopefully people will like these suggestions.

    1) Show Properties when clicking on items in the Project list or have a right click option to do this. I think it would be nicer than using the objects list.

    2) In the project list have a new default folder 'Effects' which would show you what an effect was attached to. This would make it much simpler if you decided you wanted to remove or change a certain effects and you have many objects.

    If the effect was used multiple times it could just number then 001, 002 etc

    3) In the layers tab it would be useful to have a few right click options like -


    Solo/Lock all but this layer

    Lock All

    Unlock all


    Solo/Hide all but this layer

    Hide All

    Unhide All

    4) For effects etc it would be useful to be able to click the title and right click copy/paste them so you could have custom settings and quickly give them to another object.

    When making some simple HLSL effects i also found myself needing a way to refresh the current applied effect but instead had to remove and then add it again to do this. Doing it that way removes any values you have set though so you have to use them as the default values and change them again later.

    It would also be useful to be able to toggle them off/on without having to do it with events so you could quickly test them. Also maybe the same on a layers right click options but to toggle all effects so you could do the same tests with multiple effects.

    One thing i also noticed is if you click the effect title it says "an effect altering the appearance of the object" but it would be better if it had the description text from the main New effect dialog so it actually described it.

    Also just like you can with objects it would also be good to be able to right click and select Effect Information to make a dialog with the creator and description etc show.

    5) In the event editor it would be good to be able to right click and minimize/maximize all groups and sub-events etc.

    Sometimes it is good to have them minimized to make things quick to read but other times you just want to have everything visible but i have not noticed any options to do this, so if a project is complex it can be a slow process.

    6) In the event editor if you have a custom color and font set for a comment sometimes you want any others to be the same also. So it would be useful to have a right click option to make all other comments styles match the currently right clicked.

    Another thing would be to have a sub menu with that but also copy/paste style if you wanted to set some but did not want to change them all together.

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  • One other thing i think would be good that is sort of a GUI suggestion would be a notes object.

    It would basically just do the same thing as a hidden string but it would not be included if the project was built. So they would be used to have notes or reminders for things in a project but you don't have to worry about removing them later. Maybe there could also be a similar thing for images.

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