Grid movement suggestions

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  • For the grid movement, there should be an 8 way movement option, so that you could move your character diagonally, like in the original Mother (known unofficially as Earthbound Zero) game for NES, for example.

    There should also be an option so that the character moves like a normal 4/8 way movement but has its movement restricted to the grid. I'm not quite sure how to explain this, but several old RPGs on the NES have this kind of movement.

    Rather than moving 32 pixels each time (on a 32 by 32 grid) when the player presses a direction, the player moves as long as the button is pressed, just like a normal movement, but is always aligned along the grid.

    For example, say if you move 2 pixels to the right, then pressed down. Rather than going down from your current position, the sprite would finish moving 30 pixels to the right then proceed to move down. Yeah, like I said I am really not good at explaining things but I hope that makes sense.

    Also, I was thinking that it would be cool if there was an option to enable gravity (and I guess jumping as well) so that you could have a grid based platform movement like in Lode Runner (or Bananarama, an old klik game made by Natomic from a while back

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  • Actually, I just remembered a good example for the second thing I mentioned. Some of the Bomber Man games use that very style of movement (player can move any amount of pixels in any direction but is still restricted to the grid).

    I was going to edit the topic and just say bomber man style movement rather than that long example I just gave, but it won't let me edit the topic. Whatever, I just wanted to at least mention that somewhere.

  • Did you manage to do this? Im looking to make a grid based platform game, similar to abes odyssey, were the player steps over a square in the grid, or if you hold down the direction key they key on running but are always aligned to a grid. Any tips would be great!

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