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  • The global event sheets do a hell of a lot to help moving forward with making new layouts and expanding the design as you go, which is where MMF fell flat, but I'm still a little hesitant to move forward without having all my graphics made.

    It would be nice if the objects window would hold all graphics imported to the game across all layouts, perhaps with groups/family type organisation. So you could have a background + - section containing all your tiles and so forth.

    Also, is it at all possible when importing graphics to import the name also?

    What about a mass import? Like the animation editor, but into seperate sprites/tiled background objects?

    What does everyone else think? Are there any similar options currently active that i haven't noticed?

  • What's the problem with moving forward without all your art? If you use global objects, editing one object's image affects all of them in all layouts.

  • If i add some graphics into layout 5, I will have to manually add them to the previous 4. And global objects travel through layouts, so if i used global on my backgrounds they would all build up as i went along. :/

  • In MMF each 'frame' has its own objects and object types.

    In Construct, each application has a list of object types, and each layout contains object instances.

    Simply copy and paste or drag and drop objects from your first frame into other frames and they will be the same object type and share the same images etc.

    Not really sure what Ashleys going on about global objects..ticking global just means the instance wont be destroyed when the frame changes.

  • Thanks David, sounds like a reasonable work around. Could you explain how to drag and drop objects between layouts? I've had a play around but couldn't figure out a way to do it.

    Edit- Copy and paste does the job, thank you chaps.

  • A graphics library - to have a global external bank you can drop in - is a concept that's fairly hard for 1.0, but it's something we're looking to make easier in 2.0.

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  • You could always put this code into your event sheet:

    +Object (sprite) <1

    -Create (sprite)...

    That way, if the objects does not exist simply add it at runtime

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