Ghost Shooter - Video Tutorial

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  • Can somebody make Ghost Shooter Video Tutorial because i can't do few directions what are in the tutorial. Sorry for my english but I'm not American or British. I you understood please make this tutorial and host it somewhere.

    Thank you.

  • It may be easier if you can tell us what parts you did not understand, maybe we can explain it better. Making a video tutorial is a lot of work if we can avoid it by helping you in other ways. What part specifically did you have trouble with?

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  • I feel the same way as you Robin. All the ideas that I truly want to make, are way too complex and time-consuming for me to complete. I have plenty of ideas, but most the good ones are extremely difficult to create. It is good to hear someone actually talk about such things.

    But I thought this was going to be a video showing how everything in the Ghost Shooter tutorial works. So, while your video was gratifying in a way, I was disappointed that it's not a video tutorial.

    I for one, would love to see some video tutorials of Construct. A real long video showing an example of each of the features in Construct and how to use them would be Awesome.

    There are some free video screen recorders out there which can easily be used to make the video tutorials. Check out AviScreen Classic. I'm not sure about sound, but you don't really need a voice for a video tutorial. People can see what you are clicking on. Just go slow and steady when clicking.

    So, if there are any kind souls out there who already know how to use Construct well, the community would probably appreciate a Construct Master tutorial video being made. I know I would.

    Thanks for reading !

  • That video is "part 1". Ther's all the way up to part 9.

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